Paul Spratlin

Paul’s art is primarily abstraction generated from the world of science. There are paintings and drawings and much of the work combines physics, futuristic modern landscapes, interstellar transit, electromagnetic fields and scalar fields, as well as art using four-dimensional drawing. Additionally, the work includes architectural design as well as cross-hatching patterns. Colored pencils, markers, and acrylic paints are used to create the work on canvases and paper. Straight edges, such as rulers and compasses, are not used. The artwork may not appear finished or precise; however, it is distinct.

In Paul’s words…

I call it physics art. I like to draw things like field diagrams, multidimensional hyperspace, psychedelic art, stars, planets, cityscapes, bucolic landscapes, the figure, electromagnetic field and gravitational radiation diagrams, lattices, vortices, the manifolds of physics, hyperspace, so-called fractals, black holes, galaxies, and ray models of radiation. I want my artwork to be didactic to teach people things about the universe they would not know otherwise. My artwork provided me with a meaningful activity in my life. It’s good to have companionship when making art in the studio and get some feedback.