Program Overview

Artistic vision comes from many points of view. Everyone needs a place to create. Established in 2006, Studio In-Sight aims to bring space and inspiration to artists who may be outside the mainstream. Artists of the Studio In-Sight are clients of Cornerstone Montgomery, a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in Montgomery County, Maryland that serves those living with a chronic and persistent mental health disorders. The studio is a part of the Life Skills Program whose mission is to guide, train, and empower the clients in a social and supportive atmosphere.

The studio is dedicated to artists who want to work as artists. Studio In-Sight provides a space where art can happen in a safe and nurturing environment.  Opportunities to share what is created for the benefit of the artists and for the community are explored regularly. Specially trained staff support and provide guidance as needed.

Studio is open several days a week in a space at The Ratner Museum and in the Cornerstone Montgomery community room. Here artists come together to work, explore and discover their creativity. Artists are encouraged to pursue their own interests- photography, painting, sculpture, wood work, etc. Some use their artistic expressions to work through emotional struggles, while others simply relish in the freedom that creation brings.

The primary benchmark for involvement is the level of the artist’s commitment. Whether attending weekly or once a month, the key for the artist is desire and the creative pursuit. We hold deep value in the individual’s love and passion for self expression. Every artist needs a window, a viewing. The studio works to provide every opportunity for art to be seen by the public and purchased.

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